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Earliest Birth Year John James McGovern  (I107308)  
Birth 1180
Latest Birth Year Guillaume Ladouceur  (I66099)  
Birth 9 October 2001

Death 9 August 2002 Montréal, P.Qc
Earliest Death Year Alan Wallace  (I38842)  
Birth 1253

Death 1296
Latest Death Year Gertrude Faubert  (I129528)  
Death February 2014
Person who lived the longest
Georges Henri Arbic  (I129131)  
Birth 1753 Leitfeldt, Allemage

Death 24 March 1910 St-Benoit, Co. Deux-Montagnes
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Jean-Baptiste Lavoie + Catherine Aubry  (F3449)  
Marriage 16 September 1727 St-Laurent, Québec
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Archambault, Blanger, Beauchamp, Beaulieu, Bergeron, Bertrand, Bigras, Bouchard, Boucher, Boyer, Brunet, Ct, Caissie, Caissy, Cardinal, Caron, Charbonneau, Chartrand, Clroux, Clements, Clermont, Cloutier, Collet, Cormier, Cousineau, Crevier, Dagenais, Degeare, Deguire, Larose, Dicaire, Deguise, Desjardins, Dub, Dubord, Gagnon, Gauthier, Giroux, Goguen, Gohier, Gougeon, Goyer, Grou, Groulx, Groux, Hbert, Jasmin, Labelle, Lacroix, Lalonde, Larocque, Laurin, Lauzon, Lavoie, Lebeau, Leblanc, Lecavalier, Leduc, Lefebvre, Legault, Mnard, Malenfant, Martin, McKinnon, Morin, Ouellet, Ouimet, Paquette, Parent, Pelletier, Plouffe, Poirier, Quenneville, Renaud, Robert, Robitaille, Roy, Sauv, St-Aubin, Toupin, Tremblay, Valade, Valiquette, Verdon, Viau
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Généalogie de [mesancetres.ged]

20 April 2014 - 1:41:23am

On This Day ...
SALMON, Nicolas Nicolas20 April 200113Death 
Gamache, Jean Jean20 April 200014Death 
Wilhelm, René René20 April 198628Death 
Gilbert, Ronaldo Ronaldo20 April 198331Death 
Deguire, René René20 April 198133Death 
Smith, Flore Yvonne Flore Yvonne20 April 196450Death 
Bélanger, Gilles Gilles20 April 196153Birth 
Ouellet, Wilfrid Wilfrid20 April 196153Death 
Laurin, Adélard Adélard20 April 195559Death 
Lecavalier, Marie Louise Marie Louise20 April 194668Death 
Lecavalier, Vitaline Vitaline20 April 194173Death 
Marie, (unknown) (unknown)20 April 193876Birth 
Ordener, Aloyse Aloyse20 April 192688Birth 
Carmel, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 191896Death 
Caron, Joseph Joseph20 April 191797Birth 
Caron, Joseph Joseph20 April 191797Death 
Prévost, René René20 April 191599Birth 
Cléroux, Laurette Laurette20 April 1910104Birth 
Palardy, Roméo Roméo20 April 1904110Birth 
Deguire, Germaine Germaine20 April 1900114Birth 
Belisle, Lilly Belle Lilly Belle20 April 1897117Birth 
Depocas, Marc-Charles Marc-Charles20 April 1895119Burial 
Dépocas, Antoinette Antoinette20 April 1892122Birth 
Levasseur, Julie Julie20 April 1891123Death 
Deguire, Albertine Albertine20 April 1890124Christening 
McKinnon, Léo Léo20 April 1889125Birth 
Belisle, Charles Floyd Charles Floyd20 April 1888126Birth 
Girra, Agnès Agnès20 April 1886128Birth 
Guérin, Joseph Ovide Joseph Ovide20 April 1885129Birth 
Mondoux, Pierre Paul Pierre Paul20 April 1883131Death 
Noncek, Anna Anna20 April 1882132Birth 
Grosleau, Délia Délia20 April 1881133Birth 
Collet, Joseph Joseph20 April 1879135Birth 
Goyer, Mélina Mélina20 April 1876138Birth 
Belisle, Charles Elsworth Charles Elsworth20 April 1872142Birth 
Gauvin, Marie-Thérèse Marie-Thérèse20 April 1870144Death 
Goyer, Philomène Philomène20 April 1870144Birth 
Bélanger, Prime Prime20 April 1867147Birth 
Cléroux, Lucie Lucie20 April 1866148Death 
Leduc, Édouard Édouard20 April 1864150Birth 
Meilleur, Phydime Phydime20 April 1857157Birth 
Peiffer, Nicolas Nicolas20 April 1856158Birth 
Ménard, Joseph Joseph20 April 1853161Death 
Desrosiers, Olivier Olivier20 April 1848166Birth 
Bigras, Vitalien Vitalien20 April 1847167Birth 
Goyer, Augustin Augustin20 April 1842172Birth 
Belisle, Madeleine Madeleine20 April 1840174Baptism 
Blanchard, Henriette Henriette20 April 1837177Death 
Ouellet, Françoise Françoise20 April 1833181Death 
Schreiner, Antoine Antoine20 April 1826188Birth 
Ripplinger, Barbe Barbe20 April 1811203Birth 
Kastel, Jean Jean20 April 1811203Death 
Bour, Joseph Joseph20 April 1806208Birth 
Kasteler, Simon Simon20 April 1803211Death 
Couture, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1801213Birth 
Durban, Anne Bathilde Hélène Anne Bathilde Hélène20 April 1788226Death 
Col.), John Handfield (Lt. John Handfield (Lt.20 April 1787227Death 
Chartrand, Jean-Baptiste Philippe Jean-Baptiste Philippe20 April 1787227Birth 
Hénault, Joseph Joseph20 April 1786228Death 
Haffenmayer, Jean Georges Jean Georges20 April 1776238Death 
Sauvé, Laplante, Paul Laplante20 April 1774240Birth 
Clancher, Michel Michel20 April 1772242Death 
Lizotte, Joseph Joseph20 April 1768246Death 
Genest, Labarre, Josephe Labarre20 April 1765249Burial 
Dolbec, Angélique Angélique20 April 1764250Burial 
Deguire, Larose, Pierre Larose20 April 1762252Death 
Houde, Houle, Jean Houle20 April 1759255Death 
Verret, Laverdure, Pierre Laverdure20 April 1759255Death 
Quenin, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1758256Birth 
Frichet, Marthe Marthe20 April 1758256Burial 
Groux, Marie Louise Marie Louise20 April 1758256Birth 
Tessier, Lavigne, Louise Lavigne20 April 1757257Death 
Boutin, Labonté, Catherine Labonté20 April 1756258Death 
Proulx, Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste20 April 1756258Burial 
Marceau, Louis Louis20 April 1753261Death 
Gaudreau, Gotreau, Anne Gotreau20 April 1749265Death 
Allaire, Dallaire, Pierre Dallaire20 April 1746268Birth 
Caron, Vital Vital20 April 1745269Death 
Gagnon, Louise Louise20 April 1745269Birth 
Gagnon, Geneviève Geneviève20 April 1745269Death 
Moreau, Josephe Josephe20 April 1743271Death 
Vanier, Fontaine, Jean-Baptiste Fontaine20 April 1742272Birth 
Clancher, Suzanne Suzanne20 April 1741273Christening 
Bedersdorfer, Adam Adam20 April 1741273Death 
Milot, Laval, Jeanne Laval20 April 1739275Death 
Pilotte, Françoise Jeanne Marie Françoise Jeanne Marie20 April 1739275Death 
Paquin, Joseph Marie Joseph Marie20 April 1739275Birth 
Benard, Bonenfant, Jean-Baptiste Bonenfant20 April 1739275Burial 
Leroux, Cardinal, Antoinette Cardinal20 April 1739275Death 
Bautron, Angélique Angélique20 April 1736278Birth 
Pelletier, Antaya, Jean-Baptiste Antaya20 April 1730284Birth 
Tardif, Charles Charles20 April 1729285Birth 
Houde, Desrochers, Houle, Louis Desrochers20 April 1729285Burial 
Gueret, Dumont, Madeleine Dumont20 April 1728286Birth 
Bonodeau, Chatellerault, Anne Chatellerault20 April 1728286Death 
Lavoie, Joseph Joseph20 April 1727287Death 
Trottier, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1726288Christening 
Forand, Catherine Marguerite Catherine Marguerite20 April 1726288Burial 
Lavoie, Joseph Joseph20 April 1725289Birth 
Boileau, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1725289Birth 
Tierce, Françoise Françoise20 April 1724290Burial 
Bélanger, Marie-Marthe Marie-Marthe20 April 1724290Birth 
Payant, Marthe Marthe20 April 1724290Burial 
Pouliot, Brigitte Brigitte20 April 1721293Birth 
Lorion, Catherine Catherine20 April 1720294Burial 
Leduc, Geneviève Geneviève20 April 1719295Birth 
Gagnon, Marie-Françoise Marie-Françoise20 April 1719295Birth 
Pagé, Quercy, Robert Quercy20 April 1718296Burial 
Boyer, Nicholas Antoine Nicholas Antoine20 April 1716298Birth 
Lacombe, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1716298Christening 
Godin, Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste20 April 1715299Birth 
Bonin, Delisle, André Delisle20 April 1714300Burial 
Gailloux, Joseph Joseph20 April 1713301Birth 
Déséry, Latour, François Latour20 April 1712302Birth 
Hackenberger, Sébastien Sébastien20 April 1712302Birth 
Lévesque, Madeleine Madeleine20 April 1710304Christening 
Réaume, Louis Louis20 April 1707307Birth 
Émond, René Renébetween 11 August 1705 and 20 April 1706308Death 
Couillard, Marguerite Marguerite20 April 1705309Burial 
Couillard, Jeanne Jeanne20 April 1704310Burial 
Drolet, Catherine Catherine20 April 1704310Birth 
Lussier, Catherine Catherine20 April 1704310Birth 
Lessard, Étienne Étienne20 April 1703311Death 
Létourneau, Louis Louis20 April 1700314Birth 
Jobidon, Madeleine Madeleine20 April 1699315Birth 
Soyer, Jeanne Jeanne20 April 1699315Burial 
Chouinard, Pierre Pierre20 April 1695319Birth 
Giroux, Jean-François Jean-François20 April 1695319Christening 
Gevert, Anne-Jeanne Anne-Jeanne20 April 1693321Birth 
Coutu, Geneviève Geneviève20 April 1692322Christening 
Rivard, Lanouette, Lavigne, François Lanouette20 April 1691323Christening 
Gagnon, Mathurin Mathurin20 April 1690324Death 
Roy, Étienne Étienne20 April 1690324Birth 
Hébert, Joseph Joseph20 April 1687327Birth 
Coiteux, Barbe Barbe20 April 1686328Christening 
Destroismaisons, Picard, Anne Picard20 April 1686328Birth 
Janvier, Anne Anne20 April 1682332Birth 
Leblanc, Marie Marie20 April 1680334Birth 
Meneu, Chateauneuf, Françoise Chateauneuf20 April 1676338Birth 
Noiron, Marie Marie20 April 1674340Death 
Plante, Geneviève Geneviève20 April 1671343Birth 
Guillemet, Jeanne Jeanne20 April 1670344Birth 
Mezeray, Catherine Catherine20 April 1664350Birth 
Haguenier, Léger Léger20 April 1623391Birth 
Migneault, Chatillon, Jean Chatillon20 April 1622392Christening 
Laliberté, Réal
Gohier, Madeleine
Réal20 April 196351Marriage 
Gince, Georges Etienne
Albert, Madeleine
Georges Etienne20 April 195361Marriage 
Ordener, Aloyse
Bies, Cécile
Aloyse20 April 194965Marriage 
Goyer, Évariste
Yon, Délima
Évariste20 April 194470Marriage 
Perron, Antonio
Murray, Anne-Marie
Antonio20 April 193876Marriage 
Jasmin, Louis Philippe
DeL'étoile, Antoinette
Louis Philippe20 April 193381Marriage 
Cousineau, Alexandre
Berthiaume, Simone
Alexandre20 April 192985Marriage 
Cousineau, Alphonse
Goyer, Marguerite
Alphonse20 April 192787Marriage 
Cloutier, Thaddée
Mantha, Irène
Thaddée20 April 192589Marriage 
Goyer, Wilfrid
Clermont, Azilda
Wilfrid20 April 192193Marriage 
Malenfant, Guillaume
Rivard, Obéline
Guillaume20 April 1914100Marriage 
Gariepy, Francis
Larose, Eglantine
Francis20 April 1903111Marriage 
Chagnon, Aristide
Messier, Donalda
Aristide20 April 1897117Marriage 
Chagnon, Aristide
Bienvenu, Rosanna
Aristide20 April 1897117Marriage 
Paquette, Jean-Baptiste
Deguire, Rose
Jean-Baptiste20 April 1896118Marriage 
Laurin, Étienne
Valiquette, Déliska
Étienne20 April 1896118Marriage 
Gareau, Emery
Viau, Amélia
Emery20 April 1896118Marriage 
Gravel, Étienne
Charette, Mathilde
Étienne20 April 1891123Marriage 
Larose, Édouard
Deladuransaye, Cordélia
Édouard20 April 1885129Marriage 
Kavanagh, Anthime
Deguire, Victoria
Anthime20 April 1884130Marriage 
Salandre, Désiré Ferdinand
Rousselle, Armantine Rufine Juliette
Désiré Ferdinand20 April 1882132Marriage 
Bigras, François
Turcot, Marie
François20 April 1874140Marriage 
Girard, Toussaint
Fortin, Appoline
Toussaint20 April 1869145Marriage 
Perras, Olivier
Brault, Rosalie
Olivier20 April 1868146Marriage 
Clermont, Joseph
Benoit, Marie
Joseph20 April 1868146Marriage 
Nantel, Théophile
Cousineau, Sophie
Théophile20 April 1868146Marriage 
Braun, Jean
Neyses, Anne-Marie
Jean20 April 1858156Marriage 
Brochu, Joseph
Blais, Domithilde
Joseph20 April 1852162Marriage 
Lacroix, Charles
Cousineau, Eulalie
Charles20 April 1847167Marriage 
Renaud, Jean-Baptiste
Deguire, Adélaide
Jean-Baptiste20 April 1846168Marriage 
Dubord, Jean
Grandmont, Émélie
Jean20 April 1846168Marriage 
Delisle, Timothée
Gauvin, Adélaïde
Timothée20 April 1841173Marriage 
Gauthier, Laurent
Trudel, Théotiste
Laurent20 April 1841173Marriage 
Cléroux, Nicolas
Fauvel, Bigras, Zéhririne
Nicolas20 April 1841173Marriage 
Duguay, Pierre
Gauvin, Marie-Olympe
Pierre20 April 1835179Marriage 
Chanty, Victor
Klein, Anne-Marie
Victor20 April 1835179Marriage 
Leroux, Dieudonné
Raymond, Louise
Dieudonné20 April 1819195Marriage 
Chatillon, Pierre
Groux, Josephte
Pierre20 April 1812202Marriage 
Bergeron, Charles
Deblois, Marie-Louise
Charles20 April 1801213Marriage 
Babineau, François
Ratier, Raymond, Cécile
François20 April 1795219Marriage 
Caillé, Jasmin, Louis Henry
Bautron, Marguerite
Jasmin20 April 1795219Marriage 
Varoqui, Joseph
Sensler, Anne-Marie
Joseph20 April 1773241Marriage 
Paul, Jean
Klein, Anne-Catherine
Jean20 April 1765249Marriage 
Robert, Jacques
Lareau, Marie-Anne Michelle
Jacques20 April 1761253Marriage 
Bissonnette, Laforme, Antoine
Frontigny, Madeleine
Laforme20 April 1761253Marriage 
Crepin, Gagnon, Pierre
Dassylva, Portugais, Marguerite
Gagnon20 April 1751263Marriage 
Quemeneur, Laflamme, Jean-Baptiste
Métivier, Françoise
Laflamme20 April 1750264Marriage 
Pépin, Lachance, Antoine
Élie, Breton, Françoise
Lachance20 April 1749265Marriage 
Leroux, Rousson, François
Trottier, Véronique
Rousson20 April 1744270Marriage 
Dubeau, Jacques
Verdon, Anne Céleste
Jacques20 April 1739275Marriage 
Fourny, Jean
Gladt, Marthe
Jean20 April 1734280Marriage 
Provost, Prévost, Guillaume
Marier, Marguerite
Prévost20 April 1733281Marriage 
Després, Dicère, Guy Joseph
Gagné, Belavance, Geneviève
Dicère20 April 1733281Marriage 
Caouette, Thomas
Richard, Françoise
Thomas20 April 1723291Marriage 
Ordener, Jean
Pennerad, Marguerite
Jean20 April 1723291Marriage 
Roy, François
Trottier, Jeanne
François20 April 1722292Marriage 
Martel, Lamontagne, Pierre
Bergevin, Langevin, Marguerite
Lamontagne20 April 1722292Marriage 
Gilbert, Contois, Louis
Jacques, Anne
Contois20 April 1722292Marriage 
Masse, Joseph
Hamel, Thérèse
Joseph20 April 1717297Marriage 
Gagnon, Mathurin
Chrétien, Marguerite
Mathurin20 April 1716298Marriage 
Vincent, Chrétien, Jean-Baptiste
Lefebvre, Boulanger, Marie
Chrétien20 April 1716298Marriage 
Sarrazin, Thomas
Choret, Agathe
Thomas20 April 1716298Marriage 
Coulombe, Jean-Baptiste
Leblanc, Jolicoeur, Marie
Jean-Baptiste20 April 1716298Marriage 
Thibault, Louis
Fournier, Cécile
Louis20 April 1716298Marriage 
Gailloux, Nicolas
Masse, Catherine
Nicolasbefore 20 April 1713301Marriage 
Allaire, Dallaire, Louis
Asselin, Anne
Dallaire20 April 1706308Marriage 
Matte, Nicolas
Coquin, Latournelle, Angélique
Nicolas20 April 1705309Marriage 
Roy, Pierre
Lafaille, Angélique
Pierre20 April 1705309Marriage 
Tibi, Marin
Lamothe, Marie
Marin20 April 1705309Marriage 
Gariepy, Louis
Aubert, Catherine
Louis20 April 1704310Marriage 
Simard, Lombrette, Joseph
Caron, Gertrude
Lombrette20 April 1700314Marriage 
Favreau, Deslauriers, Nicolas
Meunier, Lapierre, Marie
Deslauriers20 April 1700314Marriage 
Therrien, Louis
Bidet, Roussel, Catherine
Louis20 April 1700314Marriage 
Jérome, Larivière, François Jérome Jérémie
Fontaine, Madeleine
Larivière20 April 1699315Marriage 
Dechavigny, Lachevrotières, François
Guyon, Després, Dion, Geneviève
Lachevrotières20 April 1699315Marriage 
Arnaud, Pierre
Bonnet, Anne
Pierre20 April 1698316Marriage 
Coutu, François
Lesiège, Fontaine, Marie Louise
Françoisbefore 20 April 1692322Marriage 
Huet, Laviolette, Denis
Dupont, Anne
Laviolette20 April 1689325Marriage 
Hotte, Pierre
Girard, Marie
Pierre20 April 1676338Marriage 
Cloutier, Charles
Morin, Louise
Charles20 April 1659355Marriage 
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